Somewhere Over the Ocean

I’ve learned more as I have gone along this photo journey.

Specifically, how to edit.

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Midwest Americana

Every once in a while, taking photos is easy.

When the world just wants its picture taken.

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Small Town, Big Lake

When you’re stopping to feed the ducks, make sure to take a photo of their home.

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Call Me Mr. Sun

Call me Mr. Sun

I love sunflowers, always have and always will. They remind me summer, and the warm humid days they come with. They start small, dainty, and needing protection. But eventually, they’re on their own. Blowing in the evening wind.

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A Little Cover on a Covered Bridge

Ohio really does astound me.

It’s like, just when I think I have covered all of the great and neat areas of the state, I discover more. And it pulls me in tighter.

No wonder no one leaves this state.

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Let’s Talk About Getting By

It’s late in the evening now, the weight of the day still squarely on your chest. And everything you did that day is running through your head.

What you weren’t able to do.

What you were, you didn’t do right.

What you forgot about.

What you just didn’t have the mental capacity to handle.

You finally sit down at the end of the day, paralyzed and not able to do much of anything, especially something that you enjoy, like a hobby. All you’re trying to do is keep it together and reset for the next day.

No one likes to talk about it, but for many of us, this is our daily life. Getting by, and putting up a happy facade to make it seem like you’re doing well.

The thing is, life may very well going just fine for you. You have a great job, bills are paid. Food is on the table. A great family sitting around you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get caught up in the mental bog that is life. And that doesn’t mean you won’t have days where you feel like you’re just getting by.

And the thing is, you’re not alone.

Very often, I find even myself struggling with the day. Not finding enough time to even make my house something that isn’t embarrassing. I stew until one, two in the morning thinking about what I need to do, and what I could have done better. It’s a pattern that never seems to end. And especially now in the world, thinking about all that is going wrong, and how I feel helpless to stop any of it.

It is overwhelming. But I remind myself that I am not alone in the struggle, and neither are you.

Life is hard, life is difficult, and that is for everyone.

If you’re not able to even get up to do the most basic tasks, only having the energy to survive. Or if your temper has been touchy with the world around you. Or if you just can barely keep your eyes open during the day. There is nothing wrong with you, and you’re doing the best you can. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure, or that you are broken. You’re just a person trying to navigate the ever-changing and seemingly ever-worsening minefield that is your day.

The fight will go on, you will make it, and there will always be someone there to fight next to you – no matter how improbable your chances at victory may seem.

At the end of the day, when all seems lost, all seems defeated. Know that you are the best version of yourself and that sometimes just getting by is the biggest win after all.

You will have your victory, you will have your success. And even when it may seem like all hope is lost, you still have your strength – even if it’s a little harder to find.

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Flying Above the Worry

Sometimes, you can find inspiration in the oddest places.

For me, that was a random butterfly house in the middle of the Midwest.

Don’t give up finding your inspiration.

It’s out there.

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Lost in the Summer Sunlight

I love the sunshine. Like 99% of the time.

However, sometimes it can be rather…annoying. For instance, on this day, I finally made it to a park that I had been REALLY wanting to go to. It was a great time, and I really enjoyed photographing what I could.

But a cloud would have been nice.

Oh well, I’ll take the sunshine and ninety degrees any day.

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Shining Light on a Dark Time

I didn’t really notice it until today, but I have been fairly silent recently in the online realm – and area that I usually love to both explore, and post.

What I didn’t really realize what was going on is that I had suddenly gone into a self-preservation mode without even knowing it. I have been run down by the nature of the world, as we all really have, but I have also started to enjoy what I do have even more. Being outside, enjoying time with people I love. I began to shy away from the screen, and more into the beauty around me – and it has been a very healing thing.

I will always keep posting, as I truly love to do that, but I am going to start treasuring the world around me, and all of the amazing things that it has to offer – even when we humans try to take that away.

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Why Not Be Happy

I have only been around for thirty-one years.

In reality, it hasn’t been that long, and I get that. A flash in the pan, a peanut on the farm, a spec on the beach – whatever vastly cliche metaphor you want to throw out. It all counts, and it all is real. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t learned a thing or two from the trips around the block I have taken.

If there is anything I have noticed about myself over my time here, it’s that I am very good at observing.

Observing others, situations, events around me, and even myself. While I talk a lot – and I mean a LOT – I like to spend time listening as well. Tuning in to those around me, and what I notice going on. But I will be honest with you that the point of this whole rambling writing is about myself, not others. Because I have noticed something within myself, and I have realized the plan that I, and maybe everyone, should be following.

Why not be happy?

It really is a simple thing, but a deep and vast realization. Something that I have been sitting on for a while, pondering if it really was all that easy.

Truth be told – it isn’t.

Millennials have seen a lot in their lives, honestly probably too much. But that’s not the point. The point is that these things are going to keep coming, days will be tough eight days a week, and there will always be something to worry about. But I have realized that the time has come for me to just stop. Stop and think. Stop and realize that I don’t want to live in misery, and neither should anyone else.

Remember, you can’t pay your bills with tears.

Bills are paid, and lives are lived by experiences, memories, and moments that we treasure forever. Careers are made from passion, they aren’t made from anger.

I have finally come to realize that, I refuse to not enjoy myself while I am here – because really what other choice do I, or any of us, have? We can choose to live our lives in misery, almost enjoying the pain of daily stress and anxiety. Or we can choose to be happy. Find happiness and good in every situation – and that’s where I want to be.

I want to be happy, and I will be happy. I will enjoy every moment, and make myself smile every day.

Because I am here to be happy, and nothing else.

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