Seal Beach


The best part of traveling to a different part of the country is not really the things that you’d expect to see, but the things you don’t expect to see.

Going to San Diego, we were well aware of the seal and sea lion population – though we’re still not good at figuring out which one is which…however we had no idea they would literally come RIGHT up to you.

This image was take in La Jolla, California – one of my favorite stops on the entire trip.  What struck me most about this is how little they cared about the people constantly around them.  Oh, and that they can, and will, climb the stairs.

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A Little Update

Good evening, morning, afternoon, or whenever you may stumble upon this,

Things are changing once again!  While this has remained a mostly photographic website, there are also other things that I would l like to work on as well.

This includes things such as podcasts, radio demos, short stories, maybe even longer pieces.  The fun part is that it will hopefully be way more elaborate and detailed.  This may even include a whole new look to the site.

As always, I love feed back!  If you have any suggestions or comments, never hesitate to pass them my way.



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Sunset Over San Diego


While most of the work I publish on here goes without caption, for this photo, I think it deserves a little more.

To be frank, I was never supposed to be in this location.  During my trip to San Diego, initially plans were to run up to LA for a day before heading home.  Instead, we decided to stay near San Diego and head to Sunset Cliffs – which is what you see above.

More than any point of our trip to SoCal, I never felt more Californian than in this place.  From the snake I stepped on, to the constant surfers until dark, and the beautiful boardwalks – it was truly the culmination of everything San Diego.

The fact that I was never supposed to travel here makes it even more special.  Sometimes surprises aren’t such a bad thing.

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Paul Laux On WQAL – 11/15/17

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America’s Past Time


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Brown Over Blue

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Wild Wild West

Windmill BW Final

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Alone in the desert.


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Paradise Beach


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Midtown Woods


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