A Trip Down PhotoBox Lane

What do you do when you’re stuck in your house for an entire year and have trouble traveling for photos?

You try a PhotoBox, of course!

This is from the first set I took – where I accidentally took a couple of Christmas decorations and made them look terrifying.

Yea, maybe I should stick to nature.

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Golden Hour In Cleveland

There is a “golden hour” when it comes to photography. The sun is in just the right location, the clouds are just slightly overhead, and the shadows falls perfectly.

Typically, there is, quite literally, only an hour or two a day when this happens – usually dawn or dusk. However sometimes, the golden hour doesn’t apply, and there are places where no matter how the day is – it’s perfect.

For me, that the Metroparks in Cleveland. A place so many of my photos have come from – a place where I truly fell in love with the art.

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Looking For Something Better

Taken somewhere deep in the Cleveland Metroparks. This photo was one that I almost forgot about, lost in a ever-expanding hard drive.

But, much like the squirrel, I went looking for something more, and came across this gem.

Oh, also, I had to edit out a trashcan.

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A Walk On The Beach

We’ll get there eventually.

The sun will be on our backs again, the saltwater kissing our cheeks. The sand will grind its way into our shoes, forever stuck in the thread of our socks.

We will have annoyances again, we will have frustrations again – but they’ll be good ones. Frustrations we missed.

Today was a good day, and the light is getting brighter.

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Lost In The Wind

Stay grounded, my friends.

Photo taken in South Carolina.

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Sunny In San Diego

It’s that time of year when I delve into all of the photos I took the following months and go on a trip around my own adventures. However this year was a little different – the trip not going farther than a few miles, and never out of the state.

This one is from San Diego – a place that seems even farther away now. But we’ll be back.

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One Last Look

Well the time has finally come – the time where we all hunker down in our homes, watch the snow come own, and pray for the green grass to emerge from its deep slumber once more.

A little dramatic, I agree. Nevertheless, I really do have that much disdain for the winter. Especially when that means a bright sunny day will turn into – literally – fifteen inches of snow almost instantly.

Now we dig ourselves out, and wait.

This particular photo was taken at my absolute favorite spot – Westcreek park in Cleveland, Ohio. A place that seems to have never-ending trails, unlimited beauty, and fields that are welcoming and photogenic all at the same time. Every time I set foot here, there seems to be another angle I can shoot.

It was taken on one of the final days of Fall, the snowstorm looming in the distance. It makes me sad to look at it and know it’s now under, literally, feet of snow. But It’s nice to know that soon it will be lush again, and I will have another photo to take.

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Everything Looks The Same

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We’ll Get There Again

We’ll get there again – I promise.

As the days go by, I understand how people feel, and why they have decided to nearly give up it’s human nature. And I myself have found myself on the precipous of giving in and bending the rules. But why? We have come so far.

I have dreams nearly ever night of what I want to do, who I want to see, and where I want to go. I dream of cool sunsets in a land far away, much like this photo I share with you here tonight. But for now, we have to wait, we have to be patient, and we have to believe that eventually it will all be over. Because it will be.

Eventually this will all be a weird memory, one that we will try to forget for the rest of our lives.

We’ll get there.

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South Carolina – The Land Of Humidity

I have been blessed to have gone all over the country – including the warmest place in the world – Death Valley.

However, even when I walked off the airplane in Phoenix to a wall of 119 degrees, it still isn’t half has hot as it was this day in South Carolina. The 98 degree heat coupled with the near total humidity made the entire thing nearly unbearable. Suddenly making me so happy that I am living in a world of air conditioning.

Regardless, I was taken aback by the beauty of this city, and hope to one day wander its streets again.

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