Radio Demos


Ever since Paul entered college at The University of Akron, he knew that he wanted to start a career in radio.  Since he was young he has always been outgoing, using a personality that was contagious, placing a positive spin on nearly every situation there was.  After Paul left music school in 2010, he devoted himself full-time to radio, and never looked back.

Paul Laux has been on-air personality with various radio stations under the name “Chops” since 2009, the first being his college radio station, WZIP 88.1 FM in Akron, Ohio.  He remained here for over three years until he left The university of Akron in late 2012.

His first taste in commercial radio came in May of 2011, when he interned as a phone screener and producer for the MWL show out of Cleveland on 98.5 WNCX where he also worked on the promotions team.  During this time, his on-air name changed to “Yoder,” a name given to him by the host of the show.  However after he left, the name was quickly dropped, and he again began using the name “Chops.”

Shortly after graduation from The University of Akron in 2012, Paul was guest talent on Q104, also out of Cleveland.  The stint was short lived, and was the last time he appeared in commercial radio until 2014.  Paul decided to return to school for his Master’s, this time at Cleveland State University, receiving his Master’s in Communication Methodology in 2015.

Paul had almost left the radio scene during his tenure at Cleveland State, however a twist of fate changed this, and his career path.  After his family spotted a classified ad for on-air talent on 94.9 out of Akron, Paul gathered his demos and gave it one last shot.  He got the job, and landed his first official commercial radio job on 94.9 WQMX.

After two years, Paul left WQMX to become the producer for The Jeremiah and Jeff Show on Cleveland’s Q104, where he remains to this day.

Chop’s demos can  be heard below, from the original on WZIP 88.1 FM, to his most recent work on 94.9 WQMX.  Chops loves radio, and loves the career path of the business.  He feels blessed every day to have this opportunity, and hopes to have a fruitful career.

Original Demo – WZIP 88.1 FM (2012)

First WQMX Demo (1/12/15)

WQMX Demo from Spring 2016 (4/26/16)


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