Symmetry Above All


Over the years of working on this website and updating my galleries, it has quickly become apparent to me that I love symmetry.

It can be found anywhere.  In nature, architecture, or even on a pier above a swamp.  Why I have been so fascinated with it makes no sense to me other that the possibility that I love order so much.

Maybe this says something about me, maybe it doesn’t.  Either way, you can’t deny the total relaxation symmetry gives you.

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Skies Over The South


Almost like something out of a movie, the South really was a beautiful place to be.  Until this trip to South Carolina, I had never even touched this part of the country in an airport.

Much to my surprise, I was greeted with beautiful sights, history, and a sense of relaxation I have never really experiences before.  Forgetting the brutal humidity, and it was brutal, this is a trip I will never forget.

There is so much more to offer here, and I will for sure be back.

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The Quietest Place In The World


There really is something to be said about solitude – especially with how much it can relax you.

Unbelievably, this was a spot on the Great Salt Lake that we almost skipped on our adventure. We were incredibly jet-lagged, and honestly quite sick.  However, we stuck to the plan, and ended up in the quietest place I have ever been.

Even with the staggering mountains above, the the waves of the lake, there wasn’t a sound in the world.  Which actually DID make it easier to spot any bison that were getting JUST a little too close.

Easily one of the best spots on the trip itself, the unbelievable beauty from this lake is something I will never forget.  Maybe next time we won’t be there at low tide…

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Architecture Of God


Going to Salt Lake City, it is almost mandatory that you check out some of the beautiful churches that rise up in the, actually quite small, downtown.

No matter what religion you fall into, it’s hard to believe that such a beautiful building would exist without a creator.

As for the image itself, I have always wanted to try my hand at a reverse photo, with the main subject being a reflection.  Finally, I was able to give it my all with this photo.  The church stood high above a refection pool.  Thankfully, I was also blessed with an picturesque day with plenty of sunshine.

Oddly enough, shortly after this photo, I got suck in a parade downtown.  Imagine that.

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Final Sunset


Every once in a while, I will snap a few photos of what is right in front of me, and not really realize what I have captured until days – or weeks – later.  I loved going to this beach, “Lands End,” to be particular.  It had a sense of privacy even though it was only moments from downtown San Francisco and the bustle of the city.  This all is captured in this one photo.

Until I returned to Ohio two weeks later, I didn’t realize how magical the sunset was on this final leg of my West Coast trip.  It was an area of San Francisco that was perfect, it really captured Northern California in a nutshell.

To be totally honest, I thought San Francisco would be packed everywhere you went, but I had a delightful surprise.

It was a nice area to escape to, no matter who you are.

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Lonely Sands of The Great Salt Lake


The Great Salt Lake.

To be totally honest, this site, along with Utah itself, has always been on my bucket list of places I wanted to see.  However, there was no real reason that I would ever go there.  That all changed though when the wife and I decided that for our yearly vacation, we would do something a little different – and so was planned the west coast road trip.

Salt Lake City was the first town that we went to, it was also where we flew into.  It was just going to be a swing by city, and it ended up that way.  Looking back though, I wish we had spent more time there, as this was one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to.  The quiet and calm were amazing.  Even the city itself seemed like a perfect little town nestled in picturesque mountains that were visible no matter which direction you were facing.

Truth be told, I had gotten off a long flight an hour before this was taken, and I was really feeling the jet-lag.  However once I got to this place, it all seemed to relax away with the calm water.

The beauty of Utah is something I never thought I would see, and honestly something that I wasn’t truly ready for.

I’ll have to go back.  There is no other choice.

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Falling Sands Of South Carolina


Sometimes I forgot the fact that I actually went to South Carolina – because of this I actually forgot how beautiful the state can actually be.  I had never been to the South before, so this was a whole new experience to totally.

From the flowing water, to the falling sands of the beach, it truly was magnificent.

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Old And New


Well, it’s that time of year again.  When here in Ohio, instead of everything being a winter-wonderland…everything is, well, just we..really.

So I decided to reach way back in my photo archives (I believe this photo is from around 2014), and upload one of my favorites that I kind of forgot about.

I had a time where I really loved taking scenic pictures in the parks around my house, and at the time it was dead winter.  It was cold and dreary, but it added to the whole feel of the photo.

Oddly, this area during the summer can be full of sunshine and foliage, making this area feel completely different.  Maybe I will recreate this shot again when the flowers return.

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Cactus Of California


If you have followed my page for some time, you’ve obviously realized that I am quite fond of Southwest scenes, deserts, and cacti.

When we went to San Diego, I truly wasn’t expecting to see as many cacti as I did.  This one was actually right outside our hotel.

Truthfully, it may, and probably did, look really weird to people walking by to the local marina that I was taking a photo of a seemingly regular cactus on the side of the sidewalk.  However to me, it was special, and it really made my day.

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Sunset Over The West


As the weather here in Ohio begins to take a turn for the worse – you know, when you have to super-insulate your house – I look back to some of the other pictures that I took while I was in San Diego.

When we first decided that this is the place we really wanted to visit, one of the main reasons is to see the amazing sunsets that are pretty much married to the West Coast.  Surprisingly, until this moment above, we hadn’t seen one that had really stuck out to us.  It had mostly been super cloudy.

However on one of the final nights, on a part of the trip that wasn’t supposed to happen, we headed to sunset cliffs, and came across one of the greatest sunsets the West can offer.

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