Merry Christmas Part 2!

Well, it is that time of year again, Christmas.

It was funny how just a few days ago people were thinking the world was going to end because the Mayans predicted it thousands of years ago.  The most interesting part to me is that, the Mayans DIDN’T actually predict the end, only a change.  Yes, it was the end of one of their cycles, but the world was planned to go on.  I sat and thought about this for a while and wondered, what if this “change” that happened every year around this time, never left.

I work with the public, always have.  It always baffled me that one day during December, Christmas Eve, people would be all sugar and candy to you all day long, but as soon as the clock hit midnight on the 26th, they were back to their old ways.  Demanding, complaining,, wasting their time arguing.  I can’t say I am not one of these people, that would be just wrong, but with the world changing like the Mayans predicted it would, maybe this could be a good thing.

I was walking down the streets of Akron, Ohio one day a few months ago.  There was this group of people, about 20 strong, holding signs that read “FREE HUGS.”  It made me laugh like I am sure it just made you, but is that really a bad thing?  Sure, it seems a little juvenile, but in all honesty, it made my day.  I passed by the group, giving them what they wanted, but I also got something out of it.  Years ago this would have been COMPLETELY taboo, anyone doing this would receive nothing more than a dirty look and possibly even some handcuff jewelry, but not anymore.  Slowly, we are becoming aware that, while it can be strange, it is better to give a kind gesture to a stranger, than nothing at all.  It is all growing pains I assume.

My point.  We always fantasize with the bad, the dirty, and the ugly…but why?  Does that amuse us more than being nice to someone you don’t know?  We hear of a prediction thousands of years ago and immediately think the world is going to end, but why?  Can’t we take it at face value and turn it into a good thing?  After all, if the world truly is over, do we honestly think we can stop such a higher force?  At least if we had a good time and shared a smile or embrace with a stranger on our inevitable way out, I think we would feel better about it.

This Christmas I only want one thing.  For this…happiness for each other that we only have one day a year to stay.  Over the past couple years I have shared drinks, food, and even affection with people I have never met in my life, and the stories I have heard and learned would be something I never could forget and has made me who I am.  Everyone has a story, maybe if we just take a moment 365 times a year, we can hear them all.

Predictions don’t have to be bad, and neither does saying hello.



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