The Loss of Beautiful Minds

I am a happy man.  I always have been.  So I say the following with an attitude not of complaint, but of observation, and maybe a little bit of persuasion.

If there is one thing that makes us different than everything else that has ever set foot on this planet, it’s our minds.  Our creativity.  Our imagination.  And sometimes, lately more than ever, we forget this simple fact.

Too many times do I see people with brilliant minds stray away from something that could change the world simply because they “don’t think it will make a life for them.”  Though technically, those crazy thought’s and ideas is what got you to be able to have this life in the first place.

When did getting a pay raise become more important than a beautiful piece of art?  When did a “good corporate job” become more important than taking a risk and doing what you love?

People are beginning to forget what got us to this point.  While I don’t know for certain all of the details of the planet, I can guarantee that we didn’t get to be the civilization we are today by the people filling out EOE reports.  We got to this point by the thinkers.  The creative ones.  The people who knew that the mind was what will take us to the next level of life.

I don’t begrudge the people with the shirt and tie jobs.  The ones who get the daily paperwork out of the way.  We need everything we have.  But please, don’t forget the people who got you go that point.

There is a place for everyone on this crowded planet Earth (believe it or not) and just because someone wants to draw, paint, take photos, write, or whatever, they shouldn’t scrape by on life or drop it completely because they won’t conform to a “safe” life.

Remember art.  Remember literature.  Remember science.  Because without them, you wouldn’t be able to remember at all.



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I am a guy who likes to do a bunch of different things. These are my things.
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