Trial 22 – Part 1

     Bellpark was never a very busy place.  Sure there were those times when the streets are so clogged you can walk across the town faster than it could take you to get by the first two red light cameras that were recently installed, but that is usually only during the times near the holidays. The “black Friday craze” if you will, that never really seemed to end.  It is a nice place to live and a nice place to start a family, if you were into that sort of thing.  It is also a nice place to call home-base.  I have lived in a couple different areas, mostly for school, and no matter what I always seemed to find myself wanting to drift back to this place.  I love to travel, though no matter where I go, it never seems quite as nice as Bellpark.  It’s my own little safe haven.

            I live on the north side of town.  The place that, to the rest of the city, was the “ghetto,” though we probably had one of the lowest crime rates in the entire state of Ohio.  Bellpark was an upper middle class city right outside the capital.  It is a suburb so sometimes it feels like we are cut off from the rest of the world, mostly the normal issues of the world.  There is nothing wrong with that however.  We get a lot of flak about being the most stuck up people this side of the Midwest, though I usually try to avoid this stereotype.  Though I will admit sometimes after dealing with the public of my own hometown I can see where they get this from.  My family is doing well, but were not even close to the stature that most people in this little town of 60,000 enjoy.  My parents bought our house about 30 years go in the 80’s after they got married, got a deal too, or at least they thought.


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