Out of everything that happened in San Diego, this moment was definitely one of the strangest.

Going into the cactus garden in Balboa park, I would be lying if I said wasn’t that impressed.  Granted, there are no cacti in Ohio AT ALL, so seeing any of them was great.  However, the whole garden seemed like an afterthought, with some of them even dying.

Then things got weird.

We walked to what we thought was the end of the path in the garden.  Just as we did, we saw a cat BOLT by.  Now we were near the city, so really we thought nothing of it.  That was until we turned the corner and saw about 20 more.

Next, we saw a bowl of cat food.  Out of nowhere, a woman approached us to tell us that they take care of the cats there, and that all of them were even taken care of by a vet and neutered – which is marked by the docked ear.

The cats ended up being very friendly, and even let us pet them.  Oh, they were also really photogenic.


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