Lonely Sands of The Great Salt Lake


The Great Salt Lake.

To be totally honest, this site, along with Utah itself, has always been on my bucket list of places I wanted to see.  However, there was no real reason that I would ever go there.  That all changed though when the wife and I decided that for our yearly vacation, we would do something a little different – and so was planned the west coast road trip.

Salt Lake City was the first town that we went to, it was also where we flew into.  It was just going to be a swing by city, and it ended up that way.  Looking back though, I wish we had spent more time there, as this was one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to.  The quiet and calm were amazing.  Even the city itself seemed like a perfect little town nestled in picturesque mountains that were visible no matter which direction you were facing.

Truth be told, I had gotten off a long flight an hour before this was taken, and I was really feeling the jet-lag.  However once I got to this place, it all seemed to relax away with the calm water.

The beauty of Utah is something I never thought I would see, and honestly something that I wasn’t truly ready for.

I’ll have to go back.  There is no other choice.


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