Lost Cabin In The Winter Woods


Ohio has tons of beauty, you just have to go looking for it in the winter woods.

We’re very thankful here in Ohio to have one of the greatest National Parks right in our backyards, and we sure do love to take advantage of it. With just a little hike, you can stumble upon some great scenery, and peaceful tranquility.  It’s great for the mind and body, and something I will always cherish about home.

The best part is that it’s never static.  With the dramatic seasons in Ohio, that means you also get dramatic shifts in the land, trees, shrubs, and everything else nature has to offer.  Sometimes the sky can be dreary, leaving a sense of mystery over the woods.  Sometimes it can be as hot as the desert, and warm you to your core.  Every time you enter the parks in Ohio, it’s a different story.

I almost moved from Ohio once, and I think about that a lot, and what I would miss.  Sure, it’s not sunny and beautiful California.  It’s Ohio – and we wouldn’t want it any other way.


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