The Good Old Days


Well… I guess we’re going to have to get used to this whole solitude thing, aren’t we?

Who knew when we kicked off 2020 that we would be spending the Spring inside, quarantined with our family…waiting. But here we are! Some people are reading, some people are writing, and some people are playing video games. As for myself?  I am looking at old photos from my vacation!

It’s funny right now to look at this photo taken in the Caribbean.  The port city is bustling, it’s a beautiful day and the tourists are getting ready to disembark and spend some relaxing hours on the beach.  Restaurants were full, beaches packed, and taxis bustling.  It was a good time, and I miss it

I know I am being really sentimental about normal life, but this feels different. Sure we’ll get back to our daily lives, the long commutes tough jobs will return, but it truly won’t ever be the same. We now know something that can stop us in our tracks, derail the entire world. It’s scary, but it’s something we’ll have to live with.  There will forever be a before, and after COVID-19.

So take this time to reflect, relax, and wait. Things will get back to normal, and that will be a great time. But also realize that we are more similar than we are different. Weirdly, this disease united the world, and made me realize that we really are in this together.

Text a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, write someone a letter, or maybe just send them a message. No matter how advanced we become, Mother Nature will always win…I guess.


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