Sunset Over Ohio


It’s funny how nature doesn’t know.

Nature doesn’t know about pandemics, in the sense we do. It doesn’t know about poverty, worry, abundance, or anything that we worry about daily. Nature doesn’t think about bills, schoolwork, daycare, or mortgages. It just exists, going on its daily routine from one sunset to another, it schedule about as rigid as a river.

Sometimes I am sure we all wish we could be nature. We all wish we could put everything that’s bothering us away, and just worry about getting enough sunlight. Stop worrying about the daily grind, deadlines, and only think about the stars at night.

Even in the bustle of the world around it, nature sits alone, calm, and quiet. I wish we could all be as tranquil, and find peace within the air around us.

We’ll get there someday, somehow. But until then, we’ll have to find our relaxation in the woods, deep in the woods. Where they worries of the world can’t reach, and are no match for the solitude of nature.


About paullaux22

I am a guy who likes to do a bunch of different things. These are my things.
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