The Road To Anywhere

It’s been a strange year, that is something that no one will disagree with. From COVID, to murder-hornets, to a asteroid that came flying by. It’s been a year for the record books in more ways than we could ever imagine.

But it’s not all bad.

In a way, with everything closed, it forced us to explore the world around us, and what is right in our backyards. For me personally, that was the Cleveland Metroparks – a place that I have lived close to my entire life, but never really realized its beauty until this year. Until now it was just another park.

I’m not sure if it is my imagination, or if it’s from being trapped in the same four walls for months, but the lighting always seems just perfect this year. It’s almost as if no matter the locale in the parks, the time of day, or the scene – everything just works. If one door closes, or something like that.

Sometimes I like to think about what the world would be like without us. And every once in a while the world shows me.

Even closed roads look beautiful, quiet and calm. You’d never know the world was in turmoil. You’d never know something was off.


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I am a guy who likes to do a bunch of different things. These are my things.
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