What We All Miss: Company

It really is amazing how quickly things can change – and how we can turn a corner we never saw coming.

I was looking through and organizing – as best I could – a slew of photos I had forgotten I had taken. Little slips of time that fell through the cracks and dipped into a drawer of things long-forgotten.

Most of the photos were ones that I wasn’t sure I liked, out of focus and over-exposed. Ones that, really I didn’t think anything of when I took them. They were the throw-aways, and I didn’t think they had a purpose. Until I came across one with a sight that, just recently, seems so odd.

Groups of people together.

On this warm day in San Diego, it was a sight that I still remember. We loved the city, and we loved the seemingly endless beaches that arose from the sands. It was packed, crowded, and jovial. People sitting on their vans, friends snapping selfies, and families gathering for a picnic.

It was nearly impossible to get a photo without anyone in it – something I try to do to avoid having to track down releases. To be totally honest, I was annoyed at the time. Why couldn’t people just stand back so I could get a view?

Oh how ironic irony can really be.

Now, I WISH I could be around people like that again. I WISH we could congregate on the beach, blasting our favorite music as someone gets in the way of my photo. The laughs, the yelling, the company.

When things change for the worse, it seems we will even miss things we once hated.

If only there were people around again so I had to fight for a spot. If only we could hang out together again, and if only we could break this cycle of knowing and not knowing if it’s okay that we brushed against that person at the grocery store.

We’ll get back there again, eventually.

Let’s not take it for granted this time.


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