One Last Look

Well the time has finally come – the time where we all hunker down in our homes, watch the snow come own, and pray for the green grass to emerge from its deep slumber once more.

A little dramatic, I agree. Nevertheless, I really do have that much disdain for the winter. Especially when that means a bright sunny day will turn into – literally – fifteen inches of snow almost instantly.

Now we dig ourselves out, and wait.

This particular photo was taken at my absolute favorite spot – Westcreek park in Cleveland, Ohio. A place that seems to have never-ending trails, unlimited beauty, and fields that are welcoming and photogenic all at the same time. Every time I set foot here, there seems to be another angle I can shoot.

It was taken on one of the final days of Fall, the snowstorm looming in the distance. It makes me sad to look at it and know it’s now under, literally, feet of snow. But It’s nice to know that soon it will be lush again, and I will have another photo to take.


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