We All Need A Break

I don’t like Winter – I really, really don’t like Winter. But I will admit that there are some nice things about it. I guess you can’t have cons if you don’t have some pros.

One thing I do love about Winter is the quiet nature of it all. The calm. It almost feels as if there is no one else in the world besides yourself. The relaxing night sky where the clouds seem to be just feet from your head, floating by in the silent night. In fact, I enjoy it so much, sometimes I like to linger outside just a little bit longer and stare out into the moonlight – enamored by how bright it can be even on the coldest of nights, listening to the nothing going on around me except for maybe the crunch of the snow below my feet.

It really is inspirational, calming, and for some reason, for me, a source of creativity. Which I have been thinking about lately on these brisk evenings. How much I enjoy doing what I do, and who I am.

I have always liked being someone who is creative, who can almost see things that others can’t – like my very own superpower. Maybe a good opportunity for a photo, a simple design I think would be unique, or even some short story that I think of in a certain situation. It’s an escape, and it’s an ability to live in a world I can make myself. Like daydreaming, but bringing it to reality. And only recently did I realize how much I needed this.

Though I don’t think I am alone, I think everyone could do this, and I think they should. Deep down, I feel that everyone wants to have their outlet, their own world where they rule everything, things are perfect, and nothing goes wrong. Everyone dreams of having the chance to turn everything off and losing themselves.

It doesn’t matter what you do, who you are. You can be working as a painter in your own studio in NYC…or maybe Ohaha. Maybe you are a doctor in New Mexico. Or maybe you’re a stock trader on Wall Street. I think any of these people can, and should be as creative as they can, in their own way. To let things out, show off something beautiful, and add a little color to the world. I truly feel this world was designed to be more than just business as usual. It was meant to be weird, wonderful, and full of interesting things.

To be clear, do I think everyone should go home when they are done with their shift and paint a sunset? No, I don’t – because not everyone’s outlet is the same.

For some, it’s gardening, for others, it’s building models. It can be anything and everything that makes you drift away from the day and relax your mind – because that is what is important. We exist now in a world that is so stressed about numbers, day to day operations, that we forget that that is only one side of the coin. Yes, I understand these things are important, but if we don’t take time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the life we have built for ourselves, then what is it for?

Life is hard, REALLY hard. So why make things even worse for each other, right? Not all of us have the ability – or the time – to take a moment to ourselves and recharge…but we should. We need to help each other out to get to that point – and we all need to start making sure everyone can have these outlets.

Once in a while, I will think about how long I have been doing what I have been doing – creating things. Over the years there have been ebbs and flows of output. Ups and downs of production. But I realized something, that’s that whenever I came back to it, whenever I set time aside to do something to relax my head – things always seemed to be, just, better. Maybe not financially, as most art is underappreciated (a whole other story), and maybe not situationally. However, I have been better mentally, which almost seems to be the biggest battle in the war.

I fully understand that not everyone can do this – time restraints, money, or a million other factors. But I wish we could. I think it’s important, and I am so thankful I am able to occasionally do it myself.

So please, if you can, think about this. Think about what colorful thing you can bring to this world – even if it is just for you. And if you can, help someone else find their outlet too. The world needs it.


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I am a guy who likes to do a bunch of different things. These are my things.
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