Shining Light on a Dark Time

I didn’t really notice it until today, but I have been fairly silent recently in the online realm – and area that I usually love to both explore, and post.

What I didn’t really realize what was going on is that I had suddenly gone into a self-preservation mode without even knowing it. I have been run down by the nature of the world, as we all really have, but I have also started to enjoy what I do have even more. Being outside, enjoying time with people I love. I began to shy away from the screen, and more into the beauty around me – and it has been a very healing thing.

I will always keep posting, as I truly love to do that, but I am going to start treasuring the world around me, and all of the amazing things that it has to offer – even when we humans try to take that away.


About paullaux22

I am a guy who likes to do a bunch of different things. These are my things.
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