Millennials In The Workforce: Dylan’s Story

For a while now, my great friend Matt and I have been working on a podcast we are quite proud of – and today we released a special edition of our show!

Millennials, more than any other generation, have a brutal battle ahead of them as they try to cement and create careers. From having to fend off multiple recessions, world tragedies, and declining pay – they have fought battles that no generation has seen before when it comes to making a living.

I spoke with Dylan Fashbaugh, a young entrepreneur who has a story of unbelievable standing, and he explained his story of being a Millennial in the workforce.

It is not a story you can miss.

P.S. Check out the entire catalog of episodes we have compiled over the years, and tune into Matt’s special edition of the show where he dives into the greatest – and worst – bathrooms in Cleveland.

You won’t be disappointed!


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