Summer 2020: The COVID Collection

Parks have been big for me this year, because really – what else is there to do?

I still remember back in early Spring – the stay-at-home orders were fresh, the disease still wasn’t fully known. But I remember sitting on my porch, getting things ready for the summer ahead as we crawled out of a winter, thinking “oh this will pass, there is no way this will last much longer.”

Really, it seemed inconceivable that we would still be in this, and that come Fall, we would still be alone. A summer lost to confusion and to concern, like the world rarely sees.

But the weeks passed, they faded into months. And soon things were left abandoned, popular fishing and meeting spots left empty and closed. Nature took back over, and we watched things decay as we waited for the all-clear. One of which has yet to come.

I took these in a park that normally has plenty of people, all over the place enjoying the summer – but not this summer, a tragically beautiful summer. But now they sit and wait until we can use them again.

Maybe soon.


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I am a guy who likes to do a bunch of different things. These are my things.
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